The Italian partner CEIPES ETS held a dynamic local event at its headquarters. The event, which spanned the entire morning, attracted over 50 enthusiastic young individuals and youth workers from the area. The primary focus of the event was to shed light on the achievements made possible through the DASS project. Attendees were warmly welcomed by CEIPES staff, surprised with thoughtfully curated gadgets designed to complement the informative sessions and promote interaction. These gadgets, meticulously crafted to align with the themes of the DASS project, served as tangible reminders of the event’s key takeaways while encouraging continued engagement beyond the event.

CEIPES’ speaker introduced the Erasmus+ program, outlined the project’s partnership dynamics and showcased final results. Attendees were treated to captivating videos showcasing the initial outcomes, including online workshops designed to address stressful situations through arts. Additionally, the booklet was unveiled and the response from teachers and youth workers was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing keen interest in integrating the booklet into their daily practices. The event also served as a platform to present the latest achievement of the project – the Mind Yourself mobile app. Attendees had the opportunity to download the app on their personal devices, providing valuable feedback on its user-friendly interface, rich content, and engaging design.

Following the coffee break, participants actively engaged in a workshop session centered around the innovative DASS methodology. Facilitated by CEIPES youth workers, the session explored the therapeutic potential of art and movement in managing stress, offering attendees a hands-on experience of these transformative techniques.

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