The convergence of art, dance, and youth empowerment culminated in a crescendo of creativity as the DASS consortium met for their final meeting in Marseille on April 3rd and 4th. 

Hosted by the French coordinator, Essevesse, this gathering marked not only the final meeting of the DASS project but also concurred with the International Festival EYTA (Empowering Youth Through Arts), amplifying its impact manifold. 

The event was held at KLAP Maison pour la danse, a vibrant hub pulsating with artistic energy. With its doors open to local artists, youth workers, and international guests, KLAP provides the perfect setting for the convergence of minds and talents. This venue, a sanctuary for artistic expression, served as the stage where the fruits of the DASS project were unveiled to an eager audience.

Essevesse, took center stage to present their organization, the Erasmus + programme, and DASS project, showcasing its transformative results. Attendees were not mere spectators but active participants, immersing themselves in the interactive experiences crafted by the consortium. Whether perusing the comprehensive booklet or downloading the manual, participants delved into art therapy and creative techniques pioneered by DASS also thanks to a short session held by Antonino Ceresia.

On April 4th, partners discussed the tangible outcomes achieved, the roadmap for the final report, and strategies for sustaining the results achieved by the DASS project. 

Although this was their last meeting, the partners, thanks to their fruitful collaboration, agreed to continue the project by discussing new ideas on the application of art therapy and learning creative techniques combined with the digital medium. Affirming the transformative power of art and dance in nurturing the human spirit and fostering youth empowerment.