DASS: Dance Against Stressful Situations

Aims to use dance and other forms of art as an empowerment tool for young people to cope with situations of stress and anxiety due to traumatic events. 

In the frame of the Erasmus+ KA2, DASS is a cooperation partnership that wants to deal with challenges affecting youth, creating an educational path through training applying therapeutic effects of dance and other forms of art, associated with experiences lived through other artistic disciplines, divided into different modules.
The project aims to develop a creative approach that may act in the long-term to benefit young people and their well-being while tackling the negative impacts of the current crisis through the realisation and development of its results.


Direct objectives on the beneficiaries participating in the project:

Foster creative and artistic responses for youth living in difficult situations; 


Develop the ability of self-expression; 

Develop artistic sensibility while promoting well-being and tackling mental and physical stress of youth; 

Foster educational digital tools among young people, creating a safe virtual learning environment; 

Direct objectives on the very implementation of such a project

Enhance competences of youth workers through the training on innovative methodologies;

Providing long term benefits for young people by applying methodologies of dance and artistic tools; 

Promoting social inclusion, diversity and tolerance, as well as the intercultural dialogue;

Improve capacity building of youth workers and enhance high quality of youth work; 

Develop artistic sensibility while promoting well-being and tackling mental and physical stress of youth; 


Dancing and artistic empowering training Open Educational Resource

An educational path developed through training, applying dance and other artistic methodologies on personal experiences, in order to process them via arts and creativity.

The aim of this result has been to develop a creative way to respond to the traumatic consequences of the pandemic, to empower young people, including NEETs and those in disadvantaged situations, from 16 to 30 years of age. It has been developed through online sessions based on non-formal education, dance and movement methodologies and artistic expressions. You can find the results of this training within the DASS Booklet.

DASS Booklet & Tutorials

DASS Booklet is addressed to youth workers, and it contains good practices, methodologies, tips, activities and practical exercises in both virtual and in person formats, to be used with young people, in order to reduce stress. It has been thought specifically after stressful and unpredictable phenomena such as COVID-19 and lockdown. The purpose is to allow the beneficiaries to regain a mental and physical equilibrium and tackle distress and harmful feelings. The Booklet content results from the Dancing and Artistic Empowering Training and the Learning Training and Teaching Activities led throughout the DASS project, adjusted according to the participants’ experiences and feedback. Furthermore, it includes a section with links to video-tutorials explaining the activities and the techniques to apply.

App Mind-yourself

A mobile application consisting of activities, strategies, tips and reminders to be used autonomously by youth in order to face and reduce stress by developing personal strategies to deal with it. The app’s content combines information, mindfulness, art and dance. It is provided in several formats in order to maintain the interest of its users and to cater for the preferences and needs of different individuals. It is a self-help resource that can be used at any time and in any place, without a necessary interaction with a youth worker. Thus, this app enables young people to benefit from the project results on a more individual level.


 A bow to thank our audience

 A bow to thank our audience

30 April marks the end of the DASS - Dance Against Stressful Situation project, co-funded under the Erasmus plus programme and coordinated by the French choreography and art therapy company, Essevesse. The two-year project, which started in April 2022, is coming to an...

An international event to spread art and creativity

An international event to spread art and creativity

The convergence of art, dance, and youth empowerment culminated in a crescendo of creativity as the DASS consortium met for their final meeting in Marseille on April 3rd and 4th.  Hosted by the French coordinator, Essevesse, this gathering marked not only the final...

Try MindYourself mobile APP

Try MindYourself mobile APP

The DASS consortium is proud to finally share with the youth of Europe the last result of the project: The mobile app “Mind Yourself”.  The app was developed by the Italian app developer coordinated by CEIPES. The app opens with a brief introduction guideline told by...