Partners of the Erasmus+ project DASS: Dance Against Stressful Situations, met in Palermo hosted by CEIPES for the project’s training activities. The participants are members of the partner organizations: the leader of the training Essevesse from France; Smart Umbrella from Greece, Active Youth from Lithuania and Diversity Hub from Poland.

The Methodology of the training utilizes dance as a tool for young people to connect with their emotions, and face stressful situations that might arise from the social environment and unpredictable events around them. Dance can be an innovative way of personal and collective expression of emotions using creativity in order to promote personal development.

The training involved 10 participants from the organization staff for 4 days, from the 13th to the 16th of February. The activities were carried out in Palermo and were focused on 3 dance exercises: “Shape your movement to Dance”, “Color your feelings and Dance”, and “Dance your story”. Video tutorials were recorded for Project result number 2, the booklet, that aims at providing useful info on the dance methodology and tips to youth workers and facilitators. 

The last day of the training was dedicated to the evaluation to always guarantee the quality of the project’s activities, and to the methodology survey partners had to fill out. The day ended with the certificates ceremony.

The training has been a great success, the participants shared their positive experiences, and acquired new skills and tools. The consortium is now ready for the next steps of the project!

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